Find all the practical information you may need before your arrival and during your stay at our Rouen campus.

Before your arrival

As an international student enrolled at UniLaSalle Rouen Campus, you will get the support of the
International Relations Office for the administrative process of your visa request: fill in the form, check the
written proofs and send the file to the Préfecture of Rouen. Then you will receive by regular mail an
appointment for finger prints and a receipt. Within approx. 8 weeks, you are informed you can pick your
residence permit up at the Préfecture.

With one exception, the new VLS-TS visa (VLS-TS = Visa Long Séjour - Titre de Séjour) applies to all
international students wishing to enrol in a French institution of higher education
. The exception is Algerian nationals, who are subject to other provisions.

In most cases, the extended-stay visa with residence permit (VLS-TS) are valid for 1 year, "except in
circumstances calling for the issuance of a visa with a shorter period of validity, as in the case of some

Renewal of student visa “long séjour”

For students registered at UniLaSalle for a study period of more than 1 year.

Within 2 months before the visa deadline expires, you will have to renew your visa in the Préfecture
corresponding to the place where you are living: for example, if you are in internship outside Normandy,
please see the corresponding Préfecture website to check the procedure! If your accommodation is still in
Normandy, please schedule an appointment with International Relations Office by emailing

If you miss the deadline, you have to pay € 180. 


More information about OFII procedures into the Student guide (download below)

As a major university city, Rouen has a wide choice of accommodation suitable for you, from Crous student residences to private accommodation.

Thanks to an agreement with the Crous Rouen Normandie, you can ask for an accomodation next to the institution less expensive, within the limit of flats available. 

A little bit more expensive, private student residences provide a large number of bedrooms and services adapted to students.

Otherwise, you are free to find a flat by yourself via

Student Residence Halls run by Crous Rouen Normandie

They offer a choice (subject to availability) between:

  • Either a 9 m² bedroom located in the residence "Le Bois" with the right to the ALS (housing assistance), with washbasin, shower, WC, single bed, desk, chair or stool, cupboard, fridge, Internet access, equipped collective kitchen sink, hotplates.
  • Or a 15 m² flat located in the residence "La Pléiade" with the right to the ALS (housing assistance), with washbasin, shower, WC, single bed, desk, chair or stool, cupboard, Internet access, equipped kitchen sink, hotplates, fridge.

IMPORTANT: You must bring your own pillows, duvet and sheets, towels, cutlery and tableware.

Private student residences

Downtown near the campus Pasteur Law Faculty:

And also:

  • For a short stay (< 8 days): Youth Hostel "auberge de jeunesse" in Rouen.
  • Accomodation
  • :
  • Nexity

Housing Financial Support 

If your accommodation is in Crous-run residence hall, all international students are entitled to an
accommodation allowance (APL/ALS) from the French government via Caisse d’Allocations Familiales –
except student visa with “dispense de titre de séjour”.

The amount varies according to the rent paid. A subscription online is required: collective appointment will be scheduled in the following weeks of your arrival. Before starting entitlement, a French bank account is required.

Document regarding international students:

Settle in at a lower price!

Some structures permit you to settle in at lower cost:

  • Toutenvélo you can move flat on bike!
  • Ressourcerie Résistes recycled objects in Darnétal
  • Emmaüs second-hand objects, furniture, tableware in Notre-Dame de Bondeville
  • ENVIE recycled (guarantee included) household appliances
  • LOCA operated by volunteers of the association Enactus (located in NEOMA Business School) to rent and deliver to students second-hand household appliances. 


More information about accomodation into the Student guide (download below)

Everyday life in Rouen

At your arrival, you will be given a personal card “Multipass” you can use as:

  • Student Card
  • Photocopy Card
  • Payment card at the “Restaurant Universitaire“ or “RU“
  • Resource Library Card
  • Access card to the building UniLaSalle

Keep in mind that your Student Card is also a discount card for shopping, museum, cinema, restaurants,
travelling, etc… It can be money uploaded by credit card via

During your Study Mobility in France, free and compulsory registration to the National Health Social Security “Sécurité Sociale” which will allow you to benefit from medical care thanks to subsidies.

In order to be reimbursed of the amount not reimbursed by the French Social Security, you can subscribe
to a “mutuelle
”. You are free to subscribe to either 

    123 rue du Général Leclerc, ROUEN
    Tel. 09 72 67 60 00
    Station: Theatre des Arts (Métrobus ou TEOR T1, T2 ou T3)
  • LMDE - La mutuelle étudiante or LMDE International Students
    23 rue de la Republique, ROUEN
    Tel. 08 11 50 56 33
    Station: Republique (TEOR T1, T2 ou T3)

European students must send a copy of the European Insurance Health Card to the International Relations


More information about health into the Student guide (download below)

At UniLaSalle, the Student Life Department Mr. Grégoire Boca will help you to find a solution and support
you to arrange all you need for your studies and exams. You can also contact the special department
Espace Handicap located at the Maison de l’Université. 

You can find some further advice in the following structures:

  • The Crous Student Life Department: support for studies arrangements, personal advice and adapted accommodation
  • Handisup: advises students and Alumni during and after their training curriculum for a full success in their research according to their skills.
  • MDPH (Maison d’Accueil pour les Personnes Handicapées) and ONISEP: resources centres concerning the French Higher Education system to be adapted to the handicapped students.
  • CRIJ Normandie Rouen: information about many subjects related to their training curriculum, including internship stages
  • Handistuce: access to public transportation within the Métropole Rouen Normandie.


More information about services for disabled students into the Student Guide (download below).