Our units participate in research and innovation missions. Often interdisciplinary, sometimes multi-campus, they contribute to the improvment of scientific knowledge in Earth, life and environmental sciences, in the service of sustainable development.

AGHYLE (Agro-ecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Environments & Resources - UP 2018.C101)

The AGHYLE unit is interested in understanding the interrelationships between managment practices / soil condition / plant diversity and the consequences of these interactions on the dynamics of the elements and the quality of plants.

B2R (Basins Reservoir Resources - URR 7511)

The research unit (UniLaSalle - UPJV) B2R studies the evolution of sedimentary basins, reservoirs and sources of fossils and renewable energies (hydrocarbons, geothermal, water).


The CYCLANN research and engineering unit focuses on environmental engineering and science, water and effluent quality, effluent and waste treatment and environmental assessment.


INTERACT (Innovation, Territory, Agriculture & Agro-industry, Knowledge and Technology - UP 2018.C102)

The research unit's work is aimed at better understanding the innovation processes in agriculture, agri-food and agribusiness and the conditions for their success.

Processing & Agroresources (ULR 7519)

The Processing & Agroserources unit works on the transformation and valorization of the entire plant in a sustainable develoment perspective. The work is based on an integrated scientific approach covering the entire agro-resource processing chain, from the study of the mechanisms of their construction to the study of their properties and functionalities during their final use, whether for food and/or non-food purposes.