UniLaSalle's research units rely on high-level scientific and technical facilities to meet the R&D challenges posed to them.

The school hosts, on its various campuses, research platforms oriented on cutting-edge technologies geared towards sustainable development.

The scientific and technological platforms are structured and used for the various research programs in accordance with the strategic axes defined by UniLaSalle.

  • AgroRTech: a new structure dedicated to the development of agro-resources and co-products in bio-based materials;
  • Hydrogeology: a platform dedicated to understanding surface hydrographic systems, groundwater and soil;
  • LaSalle O3: a platform dedicated to ozone applications in the agro-industry, agrifood, environment and plant chemistry;
  • Normand Serre: a platform dedicated to the production and enhancement of plants that brings together players in plant and agronomic sciences in Normandy.

Other technical facilities

  • Agronomic platform
  • Cellular and molecular biology platform
  • Biotechnology and plant pathology platform
  • Analytical Chemistry Platform
  • Environmental Flow Cytometry Technical Platform
  • Process Engineering Platform
  • Geoscience Platform
  • Infra-red technical platform
  • Biosourced materials technical platform
  • Microbiology platform
  • Culinary practices platform