Monday 14 December 2020

For the past two years, the i-SAFE program - i-SAFE International Sustainable Agribusiness and Food Engineering - has continued to attract students from around the world. The engineering program, which provides essential skills and know-how for dealing with agricultural, food and environmental issues, has doubled in size in just two years! The i-SAFE program offers a real opening to the international" explains Jana, a 2nd year student, "In the globalized world in which we live, it is more than important to develop these perspectives and to work together to solve the major issues we all face. More than just a program, i-SAFE offers open-mindedness, values of sharing and above all curiosity towards the cultures and ways of thinking of all!"

A program 100% in English for an international training!

In the i-SAFE program, all the courses are entirely delivered in English, which is not a hindrance to understanding the teachings: "English is not a constraint" explains Lucas Robert, "On the contrary, as  I lived in Shanghai for 7 years, I had to improve my English to make myself understood. Even if sometimes it can be difficult to know certain technical words, I know that they will serve me later in my professional project".

At the end of this year, some of the international students are getting ready to spend their first Christmas in France. In order to avoid them being left to their own devices, the school has set up a reception with the school's employees to encourage them to welcome the students for a few days. In addition, the UniLaSalle Rouen campus, which belongs to the network of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, is committed to the successful inclusion of all students: "Our school on a human scale facilitates relations between students and with the teaching teams," reminds campus director Marie Lummerzheim, "At UniLaSalle, you will join a vibrant student community where there are new friendships to be made. In the heart of Europe, you will discover new cultures and fascinating regions, with many opportunities to explore. »

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