Opt for a quality degree program at a top-ranking engineering school in the finest French tradition. Recognized for their outstanding teaching and high standards, France's engineering schools, or grandes écoles, provide future engineers with excellent scientific and managerial skills. They are highly regarded by companies both in France and abroad, so graduates are ideally placed to enter the job market quickly.

Three options for international students at UniLaSalle:

Is your university a partner of UniLaSalle? Then opt to complete a semester or dual degree with one of our degree programs. You can complet a semester in the third, fourth or five year in all following programs :

A semester or a summer school exchange is also possible in the programs below.

Non-graduate (however possibility validating ECTS credits), the short program allows you to deepen, over a few weeks or a few months, a subject on a specific theme. Teaching language : English.

Take a short training program

New offers will be published very soon.

1 school, 3 campuses

Beauvais Campus - Hauts-de-France

A campus with extensive facilities in a unique environment. the campus has its own forest and experimental farm, together with accomodation, a university restaurant and sports facilities, creating the perfect conditions for studying.

Areas of excellence : Agronomy / Food industry / Food and health / Geosciences

Rennes Campus - Brittany

A university campus in one of France's most popular student cities, at the center of a thriving region that is famous for its cuisine, its Celtic culture and its spectacular coastline.

Areas of excellence : Environmental enginnering / Circular economy

Rouen Campus - Normandy

An urban campus in the center of the city that combines a lively student dynamic with remarkable heritage. A wide range of facilities for students are available within easy reach of the school (accommodation, university restaurant, sports venues,etc.).

Areas of excellence : Agronomy / Food industry / Biomaterials

Preparing to come to France

If you are not a European Union national, you will need a long-stay visa / residence permit (visa long séjour - titre de séjour, or VLS-TS). This visa is valid for one year, unless a shorter-term visa has to be issued because of specific circumstances.

For information on the type of visa you will need from your country and the length of your exchange period please consult the France visas website.


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