Since 2014, UniLaSalle has held the Eramus+ Charter for Higher Education.

Funded by the European Union, the Erasmus+ programme contributes to the development of mobility of students, associate professors and higher education staff in Europe. It helps to improve cooperation between higher education institutions.

The programme is aimed at students but also at higher education teachers and administrative staff.

Erasmus+ scoring scale

1 semester of ful-time study is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits.
2 semesters of full-time studies is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits.
1 ECTS credit represents between 25  and 30 hours of work for the student (courses, study, homework, exams...).

The scoring scale goes from 0 to 20 and the pass mark is set at 10.
International student's transcripts also include also the ECTS mark, indicating the relative position of a mark in a given reference group.

ECTS score and equivalence in the UniLaSalle rating system

A — > 17
B — > 15 – 17
C — > 13 – 15
D — > 11 – 13
E — > 8 – 11
F — ≤ 8


Associate Director for International Relations in charge of mobility