Wednesday 18 December 2019

Students on the Advanced Master's in Food Marketing, Communication and Engineering (MS MCIPA) recently assisted with the commercial launch of the cooperative grocery store "La Mouette".

1/ Can you describe the "La Mouette" project to us?

La Mouette is an interim association set up to prepare the ground for a cooperative grocery store in Le Havre. The aim is to make local, organic, ethical, bulk produce as widely available as possible. The association also wants to foster links between members or shareholders and to develop quality farming – organic where possible – near urban areas, giving farmers the opportunity to sell their products via short supply chains and at a fair price. Some products that are not available locally (such as some grains and pulses) will be ordered from wholesalers. The store will also stock household and personal care products.

2/ How did the MS MCIPA students contribute to the communication strategy for the project?

Supporting a project like La Mouette is a key part of the Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility course. Each group of students tackled a specific issue related to the La Mouette project.

During our sessions on environmental CSR, we decided that we wanted to support and contribute to a project like La Mouette because it encapsulates some of the issues facing society today. Several groups of students got involved in communication strategies such as launching a crowdfunding campaign and optimizing the layout of a bulk grocery store.

La Mouette needed a presentation video to promote the new cooperative grocery store in Le Havre to the general public, especially via social media.
We produced a video using the "Draw My Life" approach, showing all the stages and concepts behind a cooperative grocery store.

3/ How did this initiative boost the students' skills?

In terms of technical skills, some members of our group already knew how to design and produce a video, which was a real bonus. The project itself provided us with additional knowledge, such as the importance of environmental CSR in companies and the overall concept of a cooperative grocery store.

We are proud to have been able to put what we learned in class into practice to help a young organization.

4/ Do you have another project lined up?

We worked for two weeks on a communication project for a new beer set to be launched in and around Rouen – a local craft beer with a great story. The brand is called Ragnar. You can keep up to date with all our latest news on the project on the MCIPA Facebook page.


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