Monday 19 October 2020

Research by UniLaSalle Rouen and the Berry Perfume House transforms linen into sustainable packaging for perfumery.

Developing sustainable packaging made from linen and bringing this plant to the perfume stalls of perfumers? This is the challenge set by Cécile Vialla, creator of the Maison de Parfum Berry and the researchers of the VAM²IN team, specialized in agro-resources.

The VAM²IN (Valorization of Agro-resources in Molecules and Innovative Materials) research team is working alongside Cécile Vialla, President of the Berry Perfume House based in Rouen, to develop elegant and sustainable packaging made from 100% Normandy linen : "We are very interested in the properties of the flax plant," explains Cécile Vialla. "In addition, since the company is based in Normandy, I felt that the use of flax in luxury packaging was a nice tribute to this emblematic plant of the region! ». For her project, labeled by the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster, the entrepreneur received financial support from the Normandy Region.

Creating packaging made from 100% Normandy flax

The research teams are very enthusiastic about the project: "We have been working with the Berry Perfume House for several years now," explains Feriel Bacoup, in charge of research within the VAM²IN team. "The launch of this flax project marks a new stage in our collaboration! ».

The research team has just over a year and a half to complete its mission. The research team has a little over a year and a half to complete its mission: "Our work will be to develop an eco-design framework for secondary packaging made from 100% Norman flax", explains Feriel Bacoup. "The objective is to arrive at a prototype by 2022!".

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